$1428 Canada Workers Benefit 2024 [12 July] Payout Date, Amount, Payment and Eligibility – 1st Quarter Payment Date 2024 @canada.ca

1428 Canada Workers Benefit 2024 [12 July] Payout Date, Amount, Payment

Canada Workers Benefit 2024: Over the past few years, rising interest rates and inflation have driven up the cost of living in Canada, driving up the cost of daily necessities while pay increases have been slow. With inflation currently hovering around 4%, many hardworking Canadians are struggling to make ends meet.

The Canada Workers Benefit (CWB) is a refundable tax credit for low-income workers and their families. Reducing the financial burden caused by the rising cost of necessities is the aim of the benefit. The Canadian government helps the most affected people of the state to combat the rising daily costs. Canada Workers Benefit Amount 2024 for Single Individuals is $1428.

Find out whether you and your family qualify by reading on to learn how to apply for CWB Payments. Continue reading to find out if you and your family qualify, how to apply for the benefit, and when to anticipate your checks.

Brief Overview: Canada Workers Benefit 2024

NameCanada Workers Benefit
Administered byCRA
BeneficiariesResidents of Canada
TypeRefundable tax credit
PartsBasic Benefit | Disability Supplement
Basic Benefit Max Amount1,428 dollars (single individuals)  2,461 dollars (families)
Disability Supplement Max Amount737 dollars (single individuals) 737 dollars (family)
Payment DateJuly 12, 2024
Financial AidFinancial Aid

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Canada Workers Benefit Payment 2024

The Canada Workers Benefit payment helps low-income workers get the value of their regular and day-to-day living costs. This is a refundable tax credit for which the amount gets as high as $1,428. In this scheme, you get two different parts of the amount—  the base amount and the disability supplement. 

You’ll need to check the eligibility requirements and take a calculator to determine whether you’re eligible for the CWB scheme or not.

The entire payment is not released at once, instead, you get the payment in three parts. The dates include— July 12, October 11, and January 12. 

Moreover, if you’re a single individual who lives independently, then you’ll be getting an amount of $1,428. If you avail of the benefits as a family owner, the same amount becomes $2,461. You must read the detailed notification and check further information to know which category you come in.  

CWB Canada Workers Benefit – Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria may vary as per your individuality and family-based application. If you have a dependent family, the requirements are different as compared to the sole-living workers. You can easily get the Canada Workers Benefit if you meet the following eligibility criteria. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Canadian Citizenship: Documentation proving your citizenship is required.
  • Income Level: You have to be financially strapped. For singles, the annual income should be CAD 23,495; for families, it should range from CAD 26,805 to CAD 43,212.
  • Age: You have to be at least 19 years old.
  • Status: You have to be either married, cohabiting with another person, or the parent of a dependent kid.
  • Tax Return Filing: The CRA must receive your income tax return.
  • Disability: You are also eligible for benefits if you meet the requirements for the disability tax credit and have a disability.

CWB Payment Amount 2024?

If you were thinking about the CWB payment amount and the particular exemptions, then you can take a look at the following table to clear all your doubts:

1428 Canada Workers Benefit 2024 [12 July] Payout Date, Amount, Payment

CategoryCanada Workers Benefit Amount 2024Exemptions
Single Individuals $1428The amount is reduced if the net income is more than $23,495.
No amount is paid if the net income is more than $33,015.
Families$2416The amount is reduced if the net income is more than $26,805.
No amount is paid if the net income is more than $43,212.
Single Individual with Disability$737The amount is reduced if the net income is more than $33,018.
No amount is paid if the net income is more than $37932.
Families with a Disability$737The amount is reduced if the net income is more than $43,210.
No amount is paid if one spouse is eligible for disability and the net income is more than $48,124.
No amount is paid if both spouses are eligible for disability and the net income is more than $53,037.


CRA Payment Dates 2024 

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Canada Worker Benefit Payment Dates 2024

You must wait for the three payments to get the CWB Payment 2024 amount in your bank account if you qualify for it. The recipients will receive the final and third installment on October 12, 2024, following the release of the first installment on January 12, 2024, and the second installment of the CWB Payment 2024 on July 12, 2024. 

However, based on suitability, the Canadian Revenue Agency may delay or alter the payment days. You may, however, also take advantage of an additional feature of Canada worker benefit payments, known as the Advance Canada worker benefit, which allows you to collect 50% of your installment amount early.  

Therefore, if you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be credited with the amount immediately. The authority does not accept applications from candidates; instead, it will compute their status based on many variables, including the applicant’s income sources, marital status, and the cost of living in the concerned state. 

How To Claim CWB Payment Amount Easily?

If you adhere to the instructions outlined by us, applying for $2400 in Canada Employees Benefits is a rather straightforward process. Give this section a thorough read, and when applying, don’t omit any steps—share all the information honestly. The beneficiaries can use the procedures listed below to claim their Claim Canada Workers Benefit 2024:-

  • Step 1: Navigate to https://www.canada.ca/, the official website.
  • Step 2: Select the CRA Sign-in tab when the page opens.
  • Step 3: Register yourself and obtain your ID and password by entering your login information.
  • Step 4: Apply by completing the online form found on the webpage.
  • Step 5: Upload and submit the required files.
  • Step 6: Next, get your 2024 CWB Payment claim.


Ques 1. To whom does the Canada Workers Benefit Payment (2024) apply?

Ans. Low-income working individuals are eligible for these benefits.

Ques 2. What is the utmost sum allotted to families under the CWB 2024?

Ans. Under the Canada Workers Benefit (CWB), a family’s maximum basic income in 2024 is $2,461.

Ques 3. When will the CWB Payment 2024 installment be due?

Ans. There are rumors that the second payment will be given out on July 12, 2024, and the third payment on October 11, 2024. 

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